Check In Canada

Check In Canada is a consortium of hotel associations that are working together to connect guests directly to the hotels and lodging that serve them. Check In Canada is owned by these member-based organizations, and is endorsed by the Hotel Association of Canada.

Travellers prefer to book directly with their hotels. Until now, they could only shop for hotels by searching unwieldy and passive listings, using an Online Travel Agency (OTA), or sifting through multiple hotel websites. Now visitors to Check In Canada can shop for accommodation by price up to one year in advance, filter by locations, and preview lodgings on a local area map, then book directly with the property.

What are the benefits of Check In Canada?

  • Properties appear in dynamic searches which offer: 24/7 rate and availability information, with no additional inventory management required;
  • Consumers are referred to the property’s website to book their accommodation, increasing direct bookings, and reducing distribution costs;
  • Consumers can shop and compare accommodations, including Star Quality and Green Key ratings, as well as consumer feedback;
  • Provides you with detailed quarterly analytics about where your potential customers are travelling from, their age and gender, critical elements to help guide your marketing investments; and,
  • Most importantly, the property owns the relationship with the guest, increasing guest satisfaction and profitability.

To learn more or to have your property listed, please visit