Frequently Asked Questions

I would like the Hotel Association’s help in booking a room for my trip.


I would like to know what types of jobs are available in the hospitality industry. Do you know of any career opportunities or could you pass my résumé on to the appropriate individual?


How many hotels are there in Canada?


I am seeking more detailed information on the Canadian lodging industry for a project/report. Can you provide me with statistics and relevant information on your association and the Canadian hospitality industry?


I am looking for a listing of all the hotels in Canada (or a specific province), as well as information such as the number of rooms in each, franchiser information, etc.


I would like the latest industry statistics. Where can I obtain them?


I'm looking for information on the Privacy Act and a sample Registration Form for Hotels.


I would like to file a complaint with the Hotel Association of Canada about a property I stayed at.


Where can I obtain the latest information on the Foreign Convention and Tour and Incentive Program?


What is the provincial requirement to post a room rate notice on the back of guest room doors?


When is there an exemption on HST in hotel room rentals?


I am looking for information on postsecondary tourism and hospitality programs and other industry training available.


Where can I find resources to help foreign trained workers and newcomers to Canada prepare for and adjust to working in tourism and hospitality in Canada?


What is the mandate of the Copyright Board of Canada?


Are their special rules regarding renting hotel rooms to minors?