Membership Categories

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) membership consists of Corporate Hotel Companies, Provincial and Territorial Hotel Associations, Affiliate (suppliers to the industry) and Educator Members. At HAC we represent all our members nationally and internationally and provide services that encourage and strengthen the lodging industry across Canada.

  • Corporate Member
    Hotel Companies with offices/properties in Canada. Our corporate members cover the spectrum from large, international lodging companies, to smaller Canadian owned and operated companies. For more information on becoming a Corporate Member please contact our office.

  • Provincial Member
    Each province has a hotel association or lodging related organization actively engaged in membership with our association.

  • Affiliate Member
    An Affiliate Member is a business supplying products and/or services on a national level that are beneficial to the Lodging Industry. To apply for Affiliate Membership, please complete and submit the Affiliate Membership Application to the HAC.

  • Educator Member
    This category is comprised of educators and administrators from schools, colleges and universities with programs relating to hotels and lodging, travel and recreation. To apply for Educator Membership, please complete and submit the Educational Membership Application Form to the HAC.

  • Student Member
    As the industry’s future workforce, we recognize how important your contribution is, not only to our Corporate and Provincial members, but also to the industry as a whole. To apply for Student Membership, please complete and submit the Student Membership Application Form to the HAC.