Hotel Association of Canada Welcomes Federal Tourism Growth Strategy 

NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO – The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) welcomes the new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, Canada 365: Welcoming the world. Every day.  announced today by the Honourable Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance. 


HAC is pleased its core recommendation on improving cross-departmental coordination is addressed in the strategy. The Federal Ministerial Tourism Growth Council will bring together the Ministers that directly touch tourism accelerating progress on policy issues important to the hotel sector like immigration and labour.  


“We live and breathe these issues every day,” shared Susie Grynol, President & CEO of the Hotel Association, “…and we look forward to supporting the new council alongside our partners, to bring constructive ideas and solutions to the table. The labour conversation will be central as we struggle to meet the rising demand for accommodation services in Canada.” 


The strategy also includes investment in tourism assets to improve Canada’s position as a world-class destination and the attraction of more international events including sporting and cultural events. These elements of the strategy will be critical to the hotel sector’s recovery and growth. 


The Federal Tourism Growth Strategy centres on the following five priorities:

  • Investing in Canada’s tourism assets 
  • Embracing recreation and the great outdoors 
  • Partnering to grow Indigenous tourism  
  • Attracting more international events 
  • Improving coordination with a federal ministerial council

HAC looks forward to engaging with the Government on this strategy and rebuilding the tourism sector. 




For more information: 

Adrienne Foster, Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs