Organizational DNA

Corporate Membership

There will only be four (4) corporate membership categories with a direct vote, and eligibility to run for a seat on the Board of Directors.


These categories include:

Affiliate Membership

There will be four (4) categories of direct non-voting members called Affiliates.


These categories include:

Property-Level Membership

Owners are directly impacted by the two key issues HAC is addressing and should have better channels for engagement, including the opportunity to support the organization financially.

Membership Structure

Board Composition

Voting for each category will be held electronically each year. Each corporate member will have one vote. Board members will be elected for a 3-year term. Only two consecutive terms are allowed. Following a 3-year break, a candidate may run again for election. The Secretary/Treasurer and the Chair may serve a term up to 4 years in duration.

Engagement Channels

Members have the ability to engage with the association through a range of new and improved channels.


Diverse candidates will have a weighted vote. If a diversity candidate ranks within a 20% margin of a non-diverse candidate receiving sufficient votes to join the Board of Directors, the diverse candidate will be automatically elected. A full election package will be provided to members in the Fall of 2018 prior to the 2019 election.