HAC supports the ‘Faster, Together’ campaign


The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) is proud to support the launch of the Faster, Together initiative to support vaccine confidence in Canada. This private sector coalition of the willing is comprised of more than 100 national organizations, including HAC.


Vaccine hesitancy has been identified as a potential barrier to restarting Canada’s tourism economy and the economy at large. The Faster, Together initiative brings together significant business organizations, celebrities, and physicians to address the approximately 20% of Canadians who are hesitant to be vaccinated with the simple message: the faster we all get vaccinated, the faster we can all get our lives back to normal.


We are inviting you to get involved!  

Faster, Together has created a warehouse of free creative assets that partner organizations can access in order to help support vaccine confidence among their staff, colleagues, friends and communities.



Contact HAC for access


Faster, Together - Press Release