Hotel Association of Canada Announces 2024 Board of Directors

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) announced its 2024 Board of Directors at its Annual General Meeting in Montreal.


“I’m proud of the collaborative effort shown by our Board, the HAC team, and our members. Together, we continue to tackle challenges and pursue opportunities, advancing the vision of a vibrant and resilient hospitality industry,” said Tony Cohen, Chair of the HAC Board of Directors.


Diversity and inclusion are integral to HAC’s long-term, strategic vision. Notably, the association has fulfilled the 2024 targets set out in its Board diversity policy and by the Canada 50-30 Challenge, achieving 50% gender parity and 30% diversity targets within its current leadership. This accomplishment underscores HAC’s proactive approach to creating a more representative and inclusive hospitality sector.


“We are thrilled to announce the 2024 HAC Board of Directors and celebrate our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. Our participation in the Canada 50-30 Challenge exemplifies our dedication to shaping a more inclusive and prosperous future for the hospitality industry,” Susie Grynol, President & CEO of HAC.


HAC’s Nominations Committee, which has worked tirelessly with members to identify and nominate qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds across the country, was key to hitting these targets. The 2024 Board of Directors Elections Process was held in accordance with HAC Bylaws and the results were announced to the membership at the Association’s Annual General Meeting held May 22, 2024.


The Hotel Association of Canada welcomes new Directors Laura Pallotta, Marriott International and Alnoor Gulamani, Bayview Group, and congratulates returning Directors Mandy Farmer, Accent Inns; Tracy Douglas-Blowers, Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association and Carey Power, Hotel Association of Nova Scotia.


2024 Board of Directors


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