A 5-Point Plan to Bridge the Hotel Industry Through COVID-19

Canada’s hotel industry was vibrant and thriving before COVID-19, and it will come back strong when normal travel patterns resume. Throughout the pandemic, the hotel industry supported Governments and communities serving as a safe place for:


  • front line workers to self-isolate;
  • repatriated Canadians to self-quarantine;
  • vulnerable Canadians to take shelter; and,
  • non-COVID-19 patients to recover We were there for our communities. from surgery.


We are a regulated, professional industry that is deeply committed to health and safety measures. Enhanced safety protocols and systems have been implemented in hotels across Canada to keep both guests and employees safe.


The industry will see a protracted recovery in the face of continued and required travel restrictions and limits on mass gatherings, but with the Government’s support, we can chart the sector’s return as the critical infrastructure it is in every community in Canada.