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The Hotel Association of Canada

The voice of the Canadian Hotel & Lodging Industry

The Hotel Association of Canada is the voice of the Canadian Hotel & Lodging industry. For over 100 years, it has worked to enhance the prosperity of the Industry through strong member engagement, effective advocacy, and the provision of value added programs and services. The Hotel Association represents more than 8,178 hotels, motels and resorts that encompass the $18.4 billion Canadian hotel industry which employs 304,000 people across Canada.


Green Key Global Appoints Field Sales Specialist

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) is pleased to welcome Jordan McKay as Green Key Field Sales Specialist for the hotel industry’s sustainability program, Green Key Global. This new position has been created to drive the Association’s sales efforts of its Green Key Eco-Rating and Green Key Meetings programs in Canada.

Jordan brings a deep understanding of the hotel industry, most recently employed by the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association, where she coordinated the association’s accommodation programs, including Check In Canada.

Read the press release here.

Hotel Association of Canada Announces Winners of the 2017 Hall of Fame Awards of Excellence

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) is pleased to honour the 2017 recipients of the Hall of Fame Awards of Excellence. Each year, HAC recognizes members who demonstrate significant accomplishments and represent some of the finest examples of professionalism, quality and excellence in the industry.

“All recipients of the HAC Hall of Fame Awards of Excellence share a commitment to enhancing the guest experience and each have left a significant impact on the hotel industry. Together, as an industry, we proudly celebrate this year’s remarkable winners and their achievements” said Susie Grynol, HAC President.

To view all recipients of the Hall of Fame Awards of Excellence, download the full press release here.

A Major Win for Hotels Against Airbnb in the City of Toronto

On December 7, the Toronto City Council passed legislation to regulate the short-term accommodation rental industry, allowing rentals only in one’s principal residence. Secondary suites will not be allowed. This means that the commercial side of Airbnb’s hosts – those running multiple suites and homes – will no longer be allowed to operate under the platform of Airbnb. This will also apply to any other rental platform similar to Airbnb. « more »

Hotels Win Against Airbnb in Vancouver

On November 14, the City of Vancouver passed legislation to regulate short-term rentals, allowing rentals only in one’s principal residence. This is great news for the hotel industry as this will eliminate the commercial side of Airbnb’s business (and other similar platforms) in Vancouver, which is currently competing directly with hotels. In addition, this will also open up over 1000 units of affordable housing for Vancouver residents, and for many Vancouver hotels, this will afford its workers a fighting chance at finding housing in, or at least closer to the city.

This new law comes into effect on April 1, 2018. After that point, homeowners and renters can only rent their principal residence short-term with a valid business license. Renting out commercial and investment properties, or second homes on a short-term basis will not be allowed.

HAC congratulates Vancouver City Council on approving the regulations and taking this first step to limit the use of home-sharing platforms to principal residences. Vancouver is moving in the right direction and paves the way for other jurisdictions to follow its lead. As municipalities across the country continue to grapple with this issue, HAC will continue to work with its coalition partners and hotel industry advocates in order to ensure fair rules and regulations are put in place for the hotel sector.

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